Around Our Clocks: 3pm | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

This month in our Around Our Clocks blog circle, we documented the 3pm hour. 3pm in our house is relatively uneventful and varies from day to day. It's not an hour I find myself photographing regularly, like morning when the light is best in our house.  So, this month, I had to plan a little better and really consider what is going on in our family right now that I want to remember.

I chose to document 3pm on a weekday because I wanted to preserve a bit of the last days of my maternity leave.  For me, these weekday afternoons have been a mix of quiet hours before my older son gets home from school and usually involve a cycle of naps, diaper changes, and often an episode of Game of Thrones (a special maternity leave project ;-) ). It was important for me to get in the frame as well because I want to remember (and want my son to see) how much fun I had with him.  And I also want to remember the repetitive baby care and unexpected opportunities for self indulgence while he's so small (and immobile), because I know life will change quickly and what is routine right now will be very different even months from now.

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