Around our clocks - 3pm | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

We ventured out of steamy Northern Virginia to dry New Mexico in August and had lots of fun adventures. One of my favorites was this short walk turned 4.5 mile hike in Angel Fire. Thankfully, the kids were troopers. My son and his older cousin were super interested in my camera, so I crossed my fingers and prayed they didn’t drop it, and got some neat pictures from their perspective. And bonus that I was in a few of the shots too. This one was my favorite. Because when you’re on a hike with kids, someone is always either in need of a snack, a nap, or a bathroom. This image is a perfect representation of parenting in my book. I love that I’m in the frame with both my boys and you can just make out the shadows of my husband and his niece at the bottom.

mom carrying baby while hiking with family by northern virginia family photographer nicole sanchez

This post is part of a collaborative documentary photography blog circle called Around Our Clocks. We're documenting a day in our life over the course of one year AND getting ourselves in the frame!  This month was 3pm. Continue the circle by visiting Cody Farrall to see her August image.

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