Around Our Clocks - 6pm | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I love late afternoon and early evening light in the front room of our house. Depending on where I'm shooting and how I expose, I can get a range of deep shadows, beautiful silhouettes, or light and airy images.

It can be hard to shoot during the 6pm hour, as it's usually a mix of dinner, playtime, and pre-bed tasks. We had grandparents visiting this time though, so I found myself with a few extra minutes to enjoy my son and husband reading. Lately I've even been able to capture both boys playing in the room. My littlest is now climbing up on the couch and doing headers into the mattress below. :-D

This post is part of a collaborative documentary photography blog circle called Around Our Clocks. We're documenting a day in our life over the course of one year.  This month was 6pm.  Continue the circle by visiting Claire Toney Photography to see her July image.

Boy and father reading with cat in Northern Virginia by family photographer Nicole Sanchez
Father and son discussing book in Northern Virginia by family photographer Nicole Sanchez