A maternity session At Home with big brother | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I leave every family session feeling grateful for the opportunity to bond with other parents, especially mamas. I've met stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, homeschooling moms of teenagers, working moms who are architects or entrepreneurs, former archaeologist moms, military moms... I had no idea how rewarding getting to know all these women would be.  If there's one thing I've learned about parenting, it's that it's one of the most impactful experiences in a parent’s life and something most parents are happy to share their feelings about.

Pregnant mom and dad in nursery with son in Northern Virginia by Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez

Pregnancy is such a special time and a maternity session is a wonderful opportunity for sharing experiences of motherhood. The mix of emotions that come with waiting for a baby to arrive is like none other, whether it's a first baby or a ninth. Anxiousness, elation and lots of love abound. All of these emotions are part of the journey and such an important part of a family's story.  

It's especially sweet when I get to document a sibling's part of the story too. Introducing a new baby to the family is a big change for everyone and telling the family's story in their home environment is a really personal way of documenting such a special time.

Parents walking with toddler on bike in Northern Virginia by Family Photographer Nicole Sanche

I love trading stories and words of wisdom with other moms and leave every family session with a full heart, looking forward to sharing images that reflect all the love and insightful moments I witnessed, as well as the sometimes chaos and hard work that life with little ones bring.

Mom kissing son's boo boo by Northern Virginia Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez

An added bonus with this sweet family in Northern Virginia is looking forward to meeting and documenting their first days with their new little one in just a couple of weeks!

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