August 365 Project Faves | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

How is it September already? August was a whirlwind of waiting it seemed. The month flew by despite the weeks of patient and not-so-patient waiting for new baby Sanchez to arrive.

I found myself savoring our last moments as a family of three and documenting my son's last days as an only child. The pregnancy hormones had me extra sentimental, but I'm so grateful for the story all the images from August tells. And I have some fun video projects in the works as well to share later!

My mother in law graciously came to stay with us in early August and we enjoyed many special outings with her and our son. An extra pair of hands, especially ones that come with grandmotherly love, is a wonderful thing to have in the last month of pregnancy. It was a lovely mix of lazy days, activity-filled ones, and bored, anxious, climbing-the-walls ones too.

And towards the end of it all, we got to come home with a healthy baby boy. We're thrilled at the promise of two rambunctious, loving, adventurous boys to run after.

Here are my favorites from August. For tips for starting your own 365 project, check out my post on documenting the long term

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