Father-Son Bonding Session | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I recently shared an extended family session that included grandparents and aunts with children and their parents. Sometimes sessions are more intimate. I've had some wonderful mother/children and mother/daughter sessions.  Today, it's my pleasure to share week this sweet father and newborn son session at home in Northern Virginia.

Baby peeking over Dad's shoulder by Northern Virginia Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez

Every family is unique and it's fun to contribute to changing the norms for what's typical for traditional family photos. Gone are the days when the only option for family photos was to have the whole family go to a studio to sit for formal portraits in predictable combinations. (Okay, whole family - big smiles! Now siblings - hey, no punching! Okay, individual portraits - wait, why do you look so tired?). Okay, maybe things aren't quite so dramatic, but a documentary session is much more relaxed and much less stressful.

Dad holding newborn baby's foot
Father kissing baby's foot

Families come in all combinations and varieties and views have changed on how they want to document their family in photos. More frequently, families are choosing to have real life moments preserved because that's what we want to remember years from now. Formal portraits are great, but they don't really give us much insight into what family life was like and what were the things we enjoyed doing. Documentary and lifestyle images tell our family's story in a way that is both beautiful to look at and that gives a glimpse into our personalities and the love we share.

Baby yawning in dad's arms
Father kissing baby son

Just getting to be yourself and enjoy some time with your family results in authentic smiles and, for older kids (and sometimes spouses!), their natural engagement and cooperation, which can make all the difference in getting photos that you'll not only love to look at but also having an experience that you'll love to remember.

Dad comforting crying baby son
New dad holding baby son

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