Friday Fun - Five things to kick off your weekend | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

We encounter a crazy amount of information every day.  So I'm doing my part to add to it! :-) But really, my favorite way of finding new stuff is recommendations from friends. So every Friday I'll pass along my favorites from the week - things that inspire, uplift, educate, or just entertain. These are not affiliate links, so I'm not making any money - I'm just sharing things I enjoy.  Here are this week's favorites:

1. Podcast - Slow Burn

I've been listening to my husband talk about how Nixon is underrated as a President for awhile, so when I came across Slow Burn's first season about Watergate, I couldn't resist. And I couldn't stop listening (and Presidential politics is not my usual cup of tea).  Season two is all about Clinton's impeachment.  In today's news cycle, I often think that what we're experiencing is unprecedented. Sadly, it's not. This podcast makes that awareness more bearable. 

2. Book - Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings

I posted about the Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids resources awhile back. Now that our youngest is two, navigating the family dynamics is a bit harder (read: it's nearly impossible not to have jealous kids when your attention is divided). I'm learning that a strong sibling bond isn't a given and that parents play a big role in cultivating brotherly love. So, I'm loving all the insights and practical suggestions in this book.  One that was surprising was how important it is to dedicate special individual time with each of our kids to decrease feelings of insecurity and promote bonding. It was a lightbulb moment (and a relief!) to realize I don't have to engineer nonstop harmonious family time. 

3. Recipe - Cold Brew Cacao  

Summer may be all but over, but if you've ever read my bio, you know I drink iced coffee all year.  We were recently in New Mexico and I had a delicious cold brewed cacao pinon iced coffee. So naturally, I googled recipes.  And naturally, I haven't gotten around to making one yet, but I'm determined, so stay tuned.

3. Listen - Baby Shark

Maybe you've come across the Pinkfong / Baby Shark phenom already? We heard it for the first time a few weeks ago and now our two-year-old, in that adorable two-year-old way, asks for Baby Shark every day.  Warning: it's an earworm waiting to happen.

4. Food for thought - The Mississippi Delta Chinese - An Audiovisual Narrative

I'm from Mississippi, near the Delta, so I couldn't pass this story over when I saw it.  But even if you're not from the South, it's an interesting audio/photojournalism history of a piece of American culture. Leaving the South to come to Northern Virginia and seeing my home through others' eyes made me more aware of the complex issues of race, wealth, and education there. This perspective of Chinese-American families living in the Delta was eye-opening and a reminder there's always more to see and learn beneath the surface when you're willing to look.

5. Photo favorites

What's a photography blog without photos? I had too many favorites from this newborn session at home, so here's few that I didn't include. Babies never cease to entertain.

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