Friday Fun - Five things to kick off your weekend

We encounter a crazy amount of information every day.  So I'm doing my part to add to it! :-) But seriously, my favorite way of finding new stuff is recommendations from friends. So every Friday I'll pass along my favorites from the week - things that inspire, uplift, educate, or just entertain. These are not affiliate links, so I'm not making any money - I'm just sharing things I enjoy.  Here are this week's favorites:

  1. More love for Mr. Rogers

I confess that I did not love watching Mr. Rogers growing up, but I see now the value in Fred Rogers slow, deliberate, gentle style of teaching. This article talks about his frustration with children’s programming and how he designed his show to approach kids in a way they were most likely to learn. As I watch my kids watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, I hope that they pick up on the values presented. Sometimes we need to receive messages many times in different ways by different people to really learn them. It's not the only television my kids watch, but I'm grateful it's in our tool box.

2. Family Traditions

With fall officially here and the holiday season not far behind, family traditions have been on my mind this week. I posted a personal film that I shot at the pumpkin patch last fall and remarked at how I marveled at the changes in my son in just one year. It really motivates me to keep documenting our life and making the time to put together these pieces of their story. I also came across this great article recommending dropping the guilt and just choosing one tradition each season to focus on. That's all kids need to develop lasting memories. There's also a handy list of suggestions. My favorite is finding pretty fall leaves to iron into wax paper for decorations. 

3. Be productive (in a good way)

I keep my family alive by following to-do lists. Otherwise, I could forget practically anything. But I appreciate the perspective of this article. Often we tackle the things on our to-do list that seem urgent or give us quick wins, but that distract us from doing the things that actually move the needle. The latter are the things that are high-impact in the long run, but seem too big to tackle or are least what we’re interested in doing. Apparently, Mark Twain called it “eating the frog” and recommended doing that thing at the beginning of the day. The result is feeling more fulfilled at the end of the day, even if you checked less things off your to-do list.

4. Or do nothing at all.

With so many things to do, making time to do nothing can seem blasphemous. From a creative standpoint though, I’ve had my best ideas when I’ve given myself a chance to take a break. Our society values grit, determination, and muscling through. But sometimes the value lies in waiting. Taking time, even short periods, to step outside the busyness and give your brain the space to process.

5. A trip through time

I took a photo of my youngest looking out a window in our house the other day and realized that I have about five years of photos taken at this same window with both boys. So I spent a little time digging through my Flickr feed and found a few favorites. Time flies! :-)

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