What is documentary-style photography?  A documentary-style session is casual and unscripted. I photograph whatever unfolds, focusing on moments and details that tell the story of who you are as you are. While planning your session, we'll talk about what's important to your family, what you enjoy doing together, and what will make for an engaging session and beautiful photos.

What is special about films? It's simply a more dynamic way to tell a story. The more our senses are engaged, the more emotional our story becomes. With a film, the music, the sounds of our children, and the movement come together in ways that a single still image cannot.  With my film packages, you will receive still images in addition to your film.

Who is this type of session for?  Documentary family sessions are for anyone who wants to preserve a part of their story.  From couples and immediate family to extended family and friends – anyone who is an important part of your life is a welcome part of the session.  

But what if my family is boring? Or my house is a mess?  Or my kids don't cooperate? Or my spouse hates pictures? Why would I want pictures of us doing normal, everyday things? Because life happens in the little moments.  Those everyday activities are the ones that make up our lives and give it meaning.  Sure, getting dressed up and having portraits made while we’re looking our best is great!  But that’s not the goal for this session.  The goal here is to tell a part of your real story.  Who you are.  What’s important to you and your family. Your connections and influence on the people around you.  In that way, the everyday is never boring.  It is who we are.  Messy house included. :-)  

What do I do with documentary style images? My favorite way to show off documentary style images is in a gallery wall display, either with enlarged prints or canvases. I also love printing albums. Having physical prints of your images is more meaningful than letting them collect digital dust on your hard drive.

What can we expect at our session?  Every session is a little different, but generally, my goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible.  While I won’t exactly be a “fly on the wall” (because I want to get to know you too!), I generally won’t give any directions.  I just follow your lead and take pictures along the way.  After about half an hour, the camera becomes less noticeable and more natural.  If you’re feeling chatty, I may ask questions (I love hearing stories!) and if you’re not, that’s okay too!  The session is about you and is unique to you.  

What happens before/after our session?  We’ll work together beforehand via email or phone to plan your session and discuss any concerns or requests.  Within 3 weeks (6, for a film) of your session, you’ll receive a link to download your images. Then you can share, print, display your images to your heart's content.

Do you offer products in addition to digital files? I'm passionate about printing photos so they don't waste away on our hard drives and am excited to offer matted, enlarged prints, as well as beautiful, professional quality canvases. I work with clients to create custom galleries that are perfect for displaying their images in a way they'll love seeing every day. 

Read what past clients have had to say about my sessions or reach out to start planning a session that's perfect for your family.

Mom and Dad looking out window with toddler son in Northern Virginia by Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez

Nicole Sanchez Photography works with busy families in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland to create stress-free photo sessions that take all the loving, fun, and chaotic moments of family life and make beautiful photos and films that families will love looking at year after year.  Contact me today to start planning a custom photography experience that's perfect for your family.