- Nicole...the smile on my face and the happy tears in my eyes speak volumes compared to my words...I had no idea how much of our every day chaos would come across the lens: love...joy...our bond. - B.C., Alexandria, VA

- Thank you so much!  They are awesome!  We've watched the video about 10 times already!  You definitely have a gift! - J.C., Alexandria, VA

- Nicole, I'M SPEECHLESS!!!!!!! SPEECHLESS!!!!! You're AWESOME!!  I appreciate the memories that we will have from your experience." - K.V, Alexandria, VA

- Oh my gosh, what absolutely gorgeous photos!  They made me cry!  Thank you so, so much, Nicole. - P.H., Pasadena, MD

- Your pictures are spectacular.  Thank you for letting me visualize that special day, Nicole.  I was so hurried and your pictures help me capture how wonderful that day was. - J.P., Hyattsville, MD

Kids climbing slide at playground in Alexandria, Virginia by Nicole Sanchez Family Photographer

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