Winter in Northern Virginia has seen our family building a lot of blanket forts indoors. I'd like to think I have a bit of skill in this area since I spent a lot of time using blankets and sheets to make little hideaways growing up, but I suspect most kids do. :-) I have fond memories of my mom teaching me how to build blanket forts when I was a kid. And I remember making them in my basement with my best friend using hair scrunchies (remember those?) and rubber bands to secure the corners of sheets around door knobs or chair backs (not a successful tactic, as I recall!). But mostly I remember them as a quiet, cozy place to curl up and read.

My son isn't quite at the independent reading stage yet, but I'm glad to have caught him quietly at play recently under one of his blanket forts (although he calls them "tents"). We tend to spend more time building them (and making them bigger and bigger, using every blanket and throw we have!) than actually playing in them, but I imagine that'll change as he gets older. 

Boy playing with tablet under blanket fort by Northern Virginia Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez

I wish I had pictures of myself making them as a kid with my mom or best friend. I'll have to get creative and try to capture some moments with my son that include my husband and myself before winter is over, but for now I'll treasure the ones I have.

Do you build blanket forts with your children? I'd love to hear your tips for making them awesome. 

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