Around Our Clocks: 9AM | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Sometimes I have the luxury of an extended moment to shoot a scene. While telling a story in a single image is wonderful in its own way, I also love the variety that comes with a series. I can find different angles/perspectives and choose different elements of the story to focus on.

Here is a typical morning at 9am in our house (no surprise, we're still in our pajamas). My son enjoys feeding our hamster by hand (despite being bitten a couple of times!) And I wanted to capture this part of our routine.

This post is part of a collaborative documentary photography blog circle called Around Our Clocks. We're documenting a day in our life over the course of one year.  Continue the circle by visiting Fort Collins Family Photographer Betty Berg.

Boy waiting to feed pet hamster by Northern Virginia Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez
Boy feeding pet hamster by hand in Alexandria, VA by Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez
Boy feeding pet hamster in Northern Virginia by Family Photographer Nicole Sanchez

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