June 365 Project Faves | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I am woefully behind on editing. Vacation always does that to me. There are so many more to edit than usual. This time I've been putting it off a bit more because I seem to have permanently misplaced an SD card with images from my last two days of vacation. Wah!!!

At least once a day, I remember an image that I took on those days and get so sad to think that those images are gone.  Our morning at the beach on Lake Tahoe and our hike to the iconic Emerald Bay. :-( I'll snap out of it soon, I hope. For now, here are my favorites from our June vacation. We ventured out of Northern Virginia to Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.

I learned that traveling with two kids, even with a ton of family to help, is exhausting, especially when you spend a lot of time in the car. It was all worth it though. We got to share so many experiences with family, including seeing Vegas from the hotel room :-D and visiting the giant Sequoias in California.

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