The answer for fun and stress-free holiday photos that your family will treasure | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Holiday photo sessions that capture some of the magic of Christmas and the winter season are a popular choice for families. But dragging your kids out, all dressed up, for a studio or outdoor session (especially with the unpredictable weather in Northern Virginia) doesn't exactly bring on the holiday cheer. Here are a few reasons why documentary family sessions are the best way to capture unique and stress-free photos of your family's favorite holiday traditions.

Mom showing Christmas ornament to toddler
  1. You don't have to leave your house (or your PJs).

    Wake up, roll out of bed, and prep however you like. Family documentary sessions are laid-back. There's no rush to get out the door or into the car. No need to cajole your kids (or your spouse) into getting dressed. You can snack when you need. Nap when you need. Take a break when you need. No worries if your kid has a meltdown or you need to stop

  2. Family connections is strongest at home.

    Home is where you are most comfortable. Most able to be yourselves. And most connected to each other. Without the stresses of worrying about public behavior or restrictive timelines, your whole family can relax and just enjoy being together and doing whatever you find yourselves interested in that day. For a holiday session, incorporating family rituals is a great way to celebrate what makes the season memorable. Whether it’s decorating the tree or baking a family favorite recipe, think about traditions you remember from your own childhood and what you most want your children to remember from theirs.

  3. Memories from home are the foundation our children draw from for the rest of their lives.

    Holiday memories have a particular way of standing out more strongly in our hearts. Preserving them in photos where everyone can be present (and not behind a camera) is a wonderful way to highlight those things that matter to your family and that are the best parts of the holiday season. Being together, sharing love and laughter, and honoring old traditions and creating new ones.

Nicole Sanchez Photography works with busy parents in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland to create stress-free photo sessions that take all the loving, fun, and chaotic moments of family life to make beautiful photos and films that families will love looking at year after year.  Contact me today to start planning a custom photography experience that's perfect for your family.