Print Your Photos - Part I Follow-up | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Life has been a bit busy around here lately with normal summer fun and planning for Baby #2's imminent arrival.  I'm not usually much of an interior decorator (or housekeeper, for that matter), so I've been enjoying the nesting phase and making some plans for maternity leave projects. One project is to get more pictures printed to display in our house.  So I look forward to sharing some of those tips in the coming months.

Today I wanted to follow up from my first post on printing your photos with another example using Artifact Uprising's square prints.  I loved the idea of using fun clips as holders, but I was having a hard time figuring out where to put them.  Between an adventurous toddler and two curious cats, there aren't many places that are free from curious paws.  We'll see if I've found success, but in the meantime, I'll enjoy a couple more areas that now have a more personal touch.

Print your photos | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I can't believe I haven't put family prints in the nursery yet.  Even though we don't spend a lot of time there, the room seemed a little generic without any real family reminders, so having these prints, especially of my son and us make the room much more homey.  And I love that I can switch them out whenever I feel the urge.

I also decided to add a few non-family images to the guest room.  Since these are on the dresser, I imagine they're most likely to be knocked down (and possibly cause annoyance to our guests as they're a bit of a pain to stand up and keep aligned :-/ ).  So I'll be on the lookout around the house for more out-of-the-way areas...

Just as I mentioned last time, Artifact Uprising isn't sponsoring this post in any way, I just love the convenience of their prints and that I can get them practically free with their occasional codes.  I promise to share the code on my Facebook page next time I come across one, so give my page a like if you want to be in on it too! 

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Happy printing!