Friday Fun - Five things to kick off your weekend | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

We encounter a crazy amount of information every day.  So I'm doing my part to add to it! :-) But seriously, my favorite way of finding new stuff is recommendations from friends. So every Friday I'll pass along my favorites from the week - things that inspire, uplift, educate, or just entertain. These are not affiliate links, so I'm not making any money - I'm just sharing things I enjoy.  Here are this week's favorites:

  1. Get Organized (maybe).

I loved back to school shopping when I was a kid. Picking out the perfect first day outfit and organizing all my fresh school supplies for new classes was so much fun. My organization rarely lasted, but that's not important. :-) My oldest started kindergarten a few weeks ago and after the first few days of slips of paper, email reminders about upcoming events, and realizing the complexities of school holidays and teacher workdays, I decided to invest in a wall organization system. I got this one. And then promptly put a large hole in my wall using an electric drill when I should have used a screw driver (like the instructions told me). 🤦 So I have 3/4 of my storage system installed. And an extra hole in my wall until I make it to Home Depot for a repair kit. Don’t be me.

2. Get creatively inspired.

I love photographing my kids. But sometimes I'm lacking inspiration. Especially in the colder months, I find it harder to pick up my camera regularly. I love the suggestions here about choosing a single subject and working with what you have. Sometimes more limitations are just what's needed for creative breakthroughs. 

3. Get schooled.

Did you know there's a recommended height for hanging wall art? This is the guidance I followed for spacing my wall organization units. (Before I unintentionally drilled a big hole though the wall. Oh, and lost my drill bit. And anchor. And screw, too.)

4. Get schooled some more.

I love the idea of MOOCs (massive open online courses). I’ve started several, but never actually finished one. (Accountability is hard when you’ve got no money in the game and no teacher grading you!) But I have learned a lot from the bits of courses I’ve gotten through. Most recently I started exploring graphic design as a way of informing compositions and visual interpretation in my photography. CalArts has a whole specialization in graphic design that I hope to finish (eventually).

5. Enhance a sibling bond.

I mentioned the Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings book last week and how we're trying to cultivate a positive relationship between our boys. I came across this recommendation in the book and I'm looking forward to using this template to make a book for my boys as a Christmas gift. And for what it’s what, we’ve noticed many more sweet moments between our boys lately, so they’re either figuring it out or our techniques are working. I don’t think I care which!

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